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Meant for

  • People who would like to further develop their career choice

  • People who would like to learn higher education insights

  • People asking questions such as 

    • "What do I need to do to get into a top 10 school?"​

    • "What do I need to do if I want to be in XYZ industry?"

    • "How would I save the money and time in the process?"

    • "Is my application still strong if I don't take the SATs?" 

    • "What do schools look for and how do I check the boxes?

  • 6th to 10 graders 


Two payment options

  • One year model

    • 9,990NTD/ Month

  • Cancel anytime model

    • 19,990NTD/ Month

    • Can switch to 1 year model

Description and Benefits

  • Tutoring Credit: Free 5,000 NT

  • Tutor Discount: 20% off all tutoring classes

  • Discounted Upgrade to Platinum Package

  • Period Consulting

  • Timeline planning

  • Extracurricular choices

  • Tutor recommendation​

  • School choice

  • Career Choice

  • Standardized tests planning


  • Summer/Winter Camp planning


Meant for

  • This package is suitable for students who are interested in enhancing their application quality before submitting the application to universities.

  • We will ensure our students go above and beyond expectation in their application and immediately catch the attention of admission officers of prestigious universities!

  • Suitable for students looking to take various tutoring classes

Service Type:

  • Advanced Application and Consulting


Platinum Application & Consulting

  • 160,000NTD – 390,000NTD

Description and Benefits

  • Tutoring Credit: Free 10,000

  • Tutor Discount: 50% off all tutoring classes

  • Period Consulting

  • Timeline Planning

  • Extracurricular Choices

  • Tutor Recommendation​

  • School Choice

  • Career Choice

  • Standardized Tests Planning


  • Summer/Winter Camp planning

  • Applied Schools: Free 10 Schools

  • Professional Essay Building: Free 10 Hours​

  • Top 50 School Level Enhancements


Meant for

  • People with the highest expectations of themselves. This package is the industry’s most advanced service and has everything you need to see yourself accepted into the world’s most prestigious universities. This package requires exclusive resources and immense amounts of preparation, therefore each year Speko ONLY offers 5 seats for the Black Package.

Service Type:

  • Advanced Consulting + Advanced Application +  Service Guarantee


  • 898,000NTD- 1,170,000NTD


  • Service Quality Guarantee Package​

  • Advanced Consulting

    • Unlimited hours

  • Advanced applications

    • Consulting hours Unlimited

    • Essay building time Unlimited

  • Includes SAT/ACT prep up to Unlimited

  • Add any other combination of tutoring Unlimited

  • Limited to 5 seats a year;

  • Required acceptance by Speko evaluation team.

Pricing Factors

  • GPA

  • Writing

  • Language skills

  • Portfolio

  • Goals: school level

  • Standardized testing grade

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