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About Us


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Speko Education Alliance is a global alliance that aims to help students pursue any passion in education, anywhere in the world. Speko has a range of cross disciplinary departments from Art to Science , and has a service complexity ranging from basic consulting to guaranteeing our students into schools. Since our founding in 2016, we brought in experts with 20+ years in the industry, Ivy League Professors, assistant professors, master's students, university teaching assistants and more. We are proud to announce that 98% of our customers are highly satisfied with our service, and 96.2% of our customers would recommend us to others. Speko now works with 500+ admission counselors and teachers, in addition to 100+ international universities and language programs.

Missions and Values


  • Quality

  • Transparency

  • Results

  • Personalizations

  • Diligence


Speko Education Alliance’s mission is to unite our international resources for the purpose of delivering the highest quality academic service and higher education application results for our clients and students. We lead our industry client satisfaction of 98.8% and will continue to strive for improvements.



I don't think I would have been accepted by the University of Oxford if Speko did not elevate my application standards! Highly Recommend

— B. Hu

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